Find you something nice

These girls didn’t want a big cock,
they wanted a big purse,
with enough money to fill it until it burst,
and then they wanted a bigger purse,
and to fill that until it burst.

It’s okay though,
Vince was doing it,
he was making money and boy did girls like that.
‘But those goddamn banks, they rob us of our money.’

‘Yes, It’s those goddamn banks, Vinnie,
you mustn’t let them get you down.
Come over here,
over here, darling.
We’ll get you something nice,
something to take your mind off those banks,
those damn banks, darling.
They are sucking us dry.
But we have each other,
and together we will fight the banks.

Yes, there, there, that’s it.
Do you feel better?’
‘Much better.’
I’ll be off now, darling,
find you something nice.’

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