an old man and a bus stop

at a bus stop
I was approached
by an elderly man
who I thought must be
nearing his own death.

he smiled a pleasant smile,
speaking in a dialect unfamiliar,
and we fumbled through words
until we landed on a common sound.
he asked which bus would take him
to the cemetery,
I shook my head.
these are places
Iā€™m not familiar with,

I walked him to the map
and he pointed out a mark, his arm shaking slightly.
It was on the same line as me
so we caught the bus together.

he told me of how he had travelled far,
to say goodbye to his last friend.
something he said,
was not an easy thing to do
I took his word,
It was an easy thing to take

Then he told me he was old,
and that I was young
I nodded my head as he looked at me for some time,
his eyes
like two small earths.

and when he smiled again, it was the saddest one I had seen
in a very long time,
then he walked off the bus
and I could still feel him next to me
for a very long time


  1. I love this … So warm

  2. Two small earths takes it there šŸ™‚

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