with old friends

‘-let’s have another one.’
so we down the ones
half drunk
and Jimmy’s not paying
because he’s always broke,
or that’s what he keeps saying
then someone pulls out cigarettes
and I hate the smell
but I’m having one

there’s a man in a chair
close by
he’s having one too
and he spits to the side of his chair
for a pot plant,
most of it falls on his shirt

we see it and laugh
spluttering beer and smoke
and the old man grunts
to let us know he’s no fool,
but he’s looking like one
as he takes another drag
leaving the spit to slide down his sleeve

then Will starts talking about
something we did
a while back,
and it feels good to listen
because we all share
that same memory
and somehow talking about it
sews us closer

then one of the boys says,
‘that’s bullshit,’
as the story starts to stretch,
but everyone cuts him down
because no one wants to
break the thread between us
right now

nobody wants that.

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